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Do Dreamland Ribs come fully cooked?

Yes, all of our meats arrive fully-cooked, frozen, and ready to be reheated at your convenience.

Can Dreamland products be reheated in the microwave?

No, we highly recommend that you do not use a microwave to reheat any Dreamland products.

How are Dreamland's perishable products packaged?

Once an order is placed, all Dreamland perishable products are vaccum sealed, frozen, and packed with dry ice in a LoBoy® cooler.

Can the Dreamland Boston Butt be cooked in a slow-cooker?

Yes, if you would like more information about different cooking methods visit our Reheating Instructions page.

How many people does a slab of Dreamland ribs feed?

Although we can not predict an individuals appetitie, a single slab of ribs, on average, contains 12 bones.

How many people does 2 lbs. of Dreamland chopped chicken or pulled pork feed?

Depending on portion size, 2 pounds of Dreamland barbecue would make 6-8 sandwiches or 3-4 plates. 

How many people will 2 lbs. of Dreamlands sides feed?

On average, a side serving is 4 ounces. We would expect 2 pounds of our sides to serve 6-8 people.