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John 'Big Daddy' Bishop

A Southern BBQ Legend

John "Big Daddy" Bishop

In 1958, the same year that Paul "Bear" Bryant began coaching at Alabama, another legend began in Tuscaloosa when John "Big Daddy" Bishop opened the first Dreamland, built by his own hands.

That original Dreamland still stands today, and the legendary hickory-smoked pork spareribs with that famous southern-style sauce and white bread for soppin' also still remains as one of the most authentic Southern Bar-B-Que experiences you'll find - an experience that is carried through to all ten Dreamland locations and our shipped products.

It's not just BBQ, it's Dreamland, and there "Ain't nothin' like 'em nowhere."




For over 60 years we have been grilling ribs on a hickory fired pit. They are so good that Big Daddy once told someone to just take our his dentures and eat these ribs!

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