Dreamland Chili Spice Pack - From $1.99
Dreamland Chili Spice Pack - From $1.99

Dreamland Chili Seasoning

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Available in singles and four-packs, our seasoning is the perfect complement to your next batch of chili.

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Lori Hadley
Chili Seasoning

I’m copying an email I sent to you on 4/1 the day I received my shipment I also sent pictures:

So I received my order today and what a mess!
One bag completely emptied in the outer bag, the other 2 both have holes in the bottom.
I know I can still use them, but not sure what UPS did to make this happen! Just wanted
To let you know!

I Love this product and give it as gifts to all my friends!

I will re-email the pictures to you!

We're sorry to hear about your damaged package. We plan to reship your order today. Thank you for letting us know! Have a great day!

Brian Allison
Long time customer

BBQ sauce is awesome ! Tried the chili seasoning, and it was outstanding

gerald george
chili seasoning

This is the best seasoning out there! We have prepared this for our friends and they loved it!

Terry Burkeen
Great Birthday Gift

Love this sauce so much …. It is what I gave my dad for his birthday so he can eat on gameday……just so you know however…..he loves Rocky Top and dreamland sauce. GBO…!!!!


Dreamland Chili Seasoning